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Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

As Blue Lightning’s Montebello season draws to a close, some more good fishing as the boat made its way south to Exmouth. The boys spent much of their time diving (crays!) and marlin fishing which paid off with a juvenile black marlin for Scotty, a blue marlin each for Jay and Justin, a striped marlin for Johnny, and for decky Jake who got in on the action too with his very first Blue marlin! (photos above)

Meanwhile as more of the Cairns fleet head south, Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey is heading into the Gold Coast notching up 2 from 6 blue marlin straight lining past Fraser Island for 14 year old angler Johnny.  Following behind, Glanville Heydenrych’s charge Happy Hooker went 6 from 6 (!) black marlin up to 80kg. Glanville says they have been running lures while traveling and got 1 about 80kg just south of Cairns, one on light tackle off Townville, then yesterday had a good day off Lady Musgrave and Fraser with 3 blacks heavy tackle all around 80kg and 1 at the spit on light tackle, totaling so far to 6 from 6!

I also had an email from Wayne Thomsen who fished yesterday with George from Reelax on the Team Garmin boat for a 4-3-2 on small black marlin off Point Lookout. Plenty of fun out there!

And some videos:

Our KEKOA crewman Kelly “Millsy” Mills has put together our first 2014 Cairns season recap video, with plenty of action and plenty more video action to come (below):

KEKOA Heavy Tackle 2014 from kelly mills on Vimeo.

And, Chris Thirkettle sent me a couple of clips from Viking, Run, Lady Marlin and Bluefin trailer boats from the Gold Coast Club fishing the Herbert Bay Fraser Island comp. Chris says the blue and black marlin were hot, and weather was perfect. The Viking crew were a little leader happy and Run boys hadn’t even got the riggers out before they had a blue marlin hookup!

Looks like they were having a fair bit of fun there!

Pakula Lures

Will Kozma fished with Capt. Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey out of Cooktown in late October and had some really hot fishing. Will put together this video of the trip. Enjoy!

And another Cairns video from the private fleet – Andrew Tivey’s son Ryan has put together this clip from his 2014 marlin encounters off Cairns both light and heavy tackle. Most of the fish were caught in a 540 side console Cyclone.

Some more details of the Gold Coast black and blue marlin action from Ryan Goding. Ryan reports that Gods Hands went 1-1-1 blue marlin at 300lbs, and in addition to Lucky Strike, First Priority also got 2 blues Sunday. On Monday they backed up with another. The little blacks are getting caught from Point Lookout to Tweed. Sam Lythgo and crew went 3-3-3 on Sunday. It’s all looking very good for the GCGFC light tackle comp on in January!

And even further south, a good early start for Team Marquis who recorded the first marlin of the season for Botany Bay Game fishing Club for the 3rd season running (non point score day). The fish was an 85kg striped marlin for angler Darin Redman, with crew Denver McMahon and Gerard Galbraith skipper Robert Curry. Well done guys and thanks Gerard for the report and pic!



Cairns giant black marlin season

While we’re well and truly at the tail end of the 2014 Cairns giant black marlin season (have a season video to share? Email me the link to share on the blog) there are still a few big fish around. Furuno’s Shane Beardmore fished on board Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee on Saturday and released a 990lbr + GST for Jeff Mount from Tassie (photo above). A great fish to end the season!

Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey has likewise begun his trip home. Dan released a one from two at 450lbs on Friday before heading south for a stopover at Myrmidon on the way to Hamilton Island.  At Myrmidon they went two from four and missed a big one which puts them at 60 fish for the season for 43 days fishing!

And back from 5 days at Osprey Reef, Capt. Brett Goetze on Amokura reports 5 from 9 blue marlin. Brett says though they were mostly targeting dog tooth and other pelagics, they managed to get a little time in marlin fishing including 2 double headers in which they only stayed connected to one both times. One of the blues was quite a nice one at 550lb and the others all 200lbs or less.

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari is likewise still fishing. Corey tells me they caught a small one on Saturday and Sunday each.

Update: and a report from Capt. Alex Johnson on Shikari who went 2 from 4 on Thursday and then added another two plus a sailfish on Friday!

SEQ blue and black marlin

luckystrikeAnd just in time for the summer holidays, some more good news from the Gold Coast with quite a few heavy tackle blue marlin, and light tackle black marlin, encountered over the weekend. Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike went two from five blues yesterday (150 and 200kg) – photo.  While I heard that there were several encounters with the little blacks inshore north of the Pin.

Likewise on the Sunshine Coast, for the Mooloolaba Billfish Bash both light and heavy tackle were options with the score 2:1 (double points for heavy tackle).  While I don’t know the full results, Robert “Smithy” Smith was pipped at the post by a field guy by the team on Liquid Asset with four little black marlin and a dolphin fish. It was the dolphin fish that gave them the edge over Smithy and team on Capricorn who were 2-2-2 blue marlin.

Exmouth Heavy Tackle Tourney leadup

exmouthsolidReport from the lovely Jeni Gate in the leadup to Exmouth GFC’s Heavy Tackle tournament which runs next week (Dec 8-10 inclusive).  Jeni says that while a cold current from the south shut down the blue marlin for a brief period mid November, the fishing has picked up again as we head to the full moon. Last year the club had some great captures of big blues and blacks during this period.

The sailfish in the gulf have also continued to be thick with baitballs being hammered by pods of hungry fish around the 30kg mark.  Sight casting to these large pods can be exhilarating.  The numbers of entrants for GAMEX in March is growing and if you’re keen to participate, we suggest to get your entry in early, or you may miss out!