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Starting at the top:

Bite Me Charters Scotty Coulter tells me there is still odd little marlin around Yeppoon waters. He caught one about 15 kg while fishing the bottom fishing on Sunday and a private boat also caught one nearby.  Scotty also tells me he is taking bookings for winter time at Fraser island in 2015 as well as Cairns.

Meanwhile the have hit the Gold Coast in big numbers. Capt. Gavin Woodbury on Sea Probe had a big day on the weekend with 10 from 12 on the little blacks in the 30-80kg range for some very happy anglers! This followed up from the day before with his youngster Callum releasing two at 25kg and 70kg (and an hour on the rod with 20lb braid on a bait caster!) Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike was also in on the action yesterday with 4 from 5 that Ross put in the fish up to about 80kg and reports that all his were from the beach out to 80m of water!

seabornDown off Coffs Harbour (read the Coffs Destination guide here), Solitary Islands GFC’s President James McGinty reports that the little blacks have arrived just in time for Christmas! Matador, Foreign Exchange and Better Than Vegas all tagged fish between 25 and 50kgduring the week, and Seaborn tagged a 25 kilo black on Sunday. Of course there have been the usual missed bites as well, and numerous big mahi mahi as stocking stuffers. The water is blue, 25-26.5 degrees, there’s plenty of bait about, and it’s shaping up well for the summer.

Photo:f Billy Livingston’s fish, tagged on Seaborn.

And last but not least, striped marlin action off Port Stephens: Andy Bagnal on Seaka on Friday and Saturday tells me that a few more have been caught over the past few days. On Friday they went 1 from 1 striped marlin and a bunch of good sized dollies in a very short session inshore around the FAD in sloppy seas. Saturday was a much better day for them with Port showing it’s true colours when they came across a large baitball and had for themselves for the afternoon, tagging 4 from 8 stripes raised on skipbaits, including a nice one for marlin virgin Rob Frier (pictured) plus a few good dollies.


Andy says that a few other boats went out Sunday, but it sounded quieter overall. Gunrunner went 2 from 3, Kaos got 1 and Kurly 3 got 1 as well. Andy has just traded Port for the GC and is about to spend the next three weeks chasing blue marlin out of the barra punt…as you do ;-) Hopefully the weather cooperates!

And a lastly, wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2015. Thank you for reading in 2014, looking forward to another very fishy 2015!

Pakula Lures

With the weather window once again ‘open’ there have been some more great reports coming in from SEQ.

Nick Curry tells me that he encountered a bunch of small blacks off Point Lookout on Tuesday in a paltry 5-10 knots. Aluhra went 7-6-4 with US angler Mike Cyrocki tagging his first 2 marlin on his first ever marlin trip. There were also one each to Alfred Bouro from Solomon Island, his first, and one to Sophie Currey as well.  Thanks Nick!

And Ashleigh Haigh also fished Jumpinpin with a first time black marlin angler, “Danger” Dave Pirie and new club member, to finish 8-4-3 on blacks  as well as a dolly. Ashleigh said they fished off a huge pilchard school to find most fish in around 25m of water. And yesterday Capt. Matt Johnson was at the wheel of Castille for 2 little black and a dolly as well.

And blues too: Mana Stack tells me that he took a 2 of his brothers and a Welshman and Englishman (who had never fished before) to the Riv grounds on Tuesday on Loyal to the Game going 4-4-2 on blues, throwing the hooks on the other 2 unfortunately.  However the two gents from the UK, Mike and Carl caught their first marlin each.

Mana reports that the conditions at the grounds was near perfect with calm, clean water and bait and current lines. He’ll be heading back out again as soon as the weather breaks!



Exmouth firing – WA Marlin

Exmouth’s Heavy Tackle Tournament was held last week in less than ideal conditions (having already been postponed once due to weather!) As for the fishing, Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sportfishing once again showed off the fishery to its very best fishing both during the tournament and the days either side, and in the comp, taking out both the Champion Team and Most Tags awards.

Eddy tells me that although the wind has created a challenge over the last week or so, in their last five trips they have recorded 16-16-14 blue marlin, 7-6-3 striped marlin and 3-2-2 black marlin.  That’s 19 all up in the last 5 trips (5 days!) That’s crazy good fishing!

During the tournament they tagged 4 marlin (3 blues and a black).

Update: Fishing yesterday they added another 1 from 1 on a half day (guests a bit under the weather due to conditions!)

SEQ Marlin

A little quieter due to conditions but Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham, continuing his journey returning the Iona home south, released a black he put at 250lbs off the Noosa Canyons yesterday.

Port Stephens & Sydney Kicking Off

Only a week late in reporting the first marlin for the Gunrunner team off Port last weekend. Scott says that they tagged 1 from 3 stripes a little north of the carpark and that the bait was plentiful and the water up and down -starting with 23 and went up to 25.3 and later cooling back down again.  He also reports that Curly III went 1 from 3 also and a Newcastle boat had a double header on blues, tagging 1 and later capturing a 20kg mahi so a bit of action there. They are back out again from this weekend so we look forward to hearing more!

(Update, the other Newcastle boat was Spaniardo 2 and Ryan tells me that they also got a nice stripe 2 weeks before that as well!)

Meanwhile Bruce Rayment tells me that PHGFC boat Avalon fished wide of Port Hacking on Sunday tagging a black marlin with a 2.3m short length (estimated at 120kg for skipper Bruce himself on 15kg tackle – photo below – marlin selfies!) With Mike Spitzer on the controls, trace and tag pole this was the first of the season for the boat.  Bruce also tells me that a number of other boats were fishing a temperature break east of the Port Hacking FAD on the edge of the shelf with this not the only fish tagged on the day with Botany Bay GFC boat Hothead tagging 2 marlin and Madness tagging 1.