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The fourth of July in Australian dawns as the day we watch the Blue Marlin World Cup unfold as one of the first countries fishing.  The rules see crews from all over the world fishing for 8 hours on July 4 in their own timezone, each vying for the biggest blue which is the grand prize.  Last year, the trophy returned to Bermuda for the second year running…where will it go this year?

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For some blue marlin action a bit closer to home, some great blue marlin action on board Peak Sportfishing at Exmouth with a wrap up of their 2013/2014 season.

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As we hit the halfway mark, here’s a selection of the great billfish photos submitted with reports in the first half 2014.

What a great year of fishing so far!

Splitting the weekend report into more manageable parts – first reports from the Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

Sunshine Coast Sails

The weekend started early for some with Clayton Black among those on the water with billfishing newcomer Martin Menzes who got onto his first ever sailfish at the 18 mile on Martin’s boat Seaduction. Fishing nearby Clayton also saw Noel Jones’s Kajiki (with a fair bit of gamefishing experience/overkill on board in the form of Jonesy, Jonesy and Forbsey! ;-) go 3 from 3 with 2 sails and a micro black.

Meanwhile, in a dual for the SCGFC Champion Boat for 2013/14, Catapult and Misty went head to head. Sunshine Coast GFC Club Captain Brent Higgins tells me that Misty pinched a very late lead on Friday with 2 tags and Catapult were quite unlucky missing 2 sailfish (1 Friday and another Saturday including one on the leader while preparing to tag). Micheal Lasson on Jim Bob kept his consistency with 2 sailfish on Saturday as well.

With the weather forecast to come down during tomorrow, Brent predicts there’s a chance for the first billfish of the season trophy to go off as early as Tuesday which would of course be a fantastic way to start the 2014/15 season!

Townsville Little Black Marlin


Since last weekend’s little black marlin mania, club boats have been eagerly awaiting another go. Jack reports that Reel Crazy backed up with another three on days mid-week and added another 1-1-1 on Saturday.  The Nicolosi’s Zuri likewise backed up the weekend with a 3-3-1, finding weed on the water causing conversion problems.  They also added another unusual species (or species not seen at BG for a while) in the form of a cobia.  Nelson Tilley (in the barra boat!) put in a bit of time going 5-3-1, tagging one of a double header.

Jack says there is still plenty of bait and it seems like the fish are starting spread out over the grounds with boats fishing north and south successful.  The fish are still that 10-12kg range with a few 15-20kg models starting to appear.

Photo above from Jack from on board Zuri. Thanks Jack for the photo and report!

It seems like there was plenty of good fishing again, particularly earlier in the weekend on what was the last couple of days of the club point-scoring year for many! I’m putting together another weekend wrap up report and so if you have a report to include, please submit via the submit page or by email.

For those who have been asking about the juveniles in Cairns – Saturday gave us a weather window for the first time in many weeks for the recreational boaters to enjoy a day on the water. While there is a huge amount of bait around, it didn’t seem like their were too many little blacks around and devouring it…but they should be on their way!


Get your Cairns on!

If you’re considering fishing the Cairns Giant Black Marlin season this year, there are still some great dates available within fleet.  Get in now to book your time on the reef!

Click on the boat dates below and to go directly to the website to enquire:

blacklabelBlack Label / Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham – seats on 30th Sept- 4th Oct, 5th Oct- 9th Oct, 10th Oct – 19th Oct, 1st Dec to 5th Dec.

bmBlack Magic / Capt. James “Jimbo” Bladin – Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic (12-18 Oct) and other heavy tackle dates…enquire!

bhBounty Hunter / Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon – 20 to 25 October and 9 to 14 November.

castilleCastille III / Capt. Brad Craft – 1 – 5th October, 27 October – 5th November and 20 – 27th November

duyfkenDufken / Capt. Kim Andersen – 20-31 October, 5-11 November and 24-27 November.

kekoaKEKOA / Capt. Luke Fallon – Day trips in late September, day trips / overnight trips 28 Nov – 1 Dec. Other dates…enquire!

lilaudLittle Audrey / Capt. Daniel Carlson – November 1 – 16, 2014.

sharkyMarlin 4 Miles / Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles – driving the 44ft Assegai Levante for the season.. enquire!

mistressMistress / Capt. Brett Alty – 15 – 30 November 2014

onsiteOnsite / Capt. Dean Beech – 21 – 28 October, 5 – 11 November, After 21 November

traditionTradition / Capt. Tim Richardson – 15 – 25 September, 26 November – 8 December

levanteZulu / Capt. Casey Dent – New 54 foot Assegai due to be completed in time for the 2014 season..enquire for dates.

BMFB Tacklebox

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