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Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

Capt. Brad Craft on Castille III followed up on a big fish Wednesday with a bigger fish Thursday putting his angler Steve from Kentucky onto another big fish, again one from a double header, that he put at 999lbs+!


Capt. James “Jimbo” Bladin’s Black Magic also put his anglers onto a couple of big fish nearby on Linden Bank that he put at 800 and 900lbs in pretty quick succession. Great underwater shot above.

Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on Bounty Hunter is back out with the second group of anglers from Marlin University and put them onto a big one on the first day that he put at 900lbs and missed the bite from a smaller fish.  Biggs says that fishing for him has been steady steady, and although the missed the last day of fishing of the previous 5 days of marlin uni, still released 5 for the trip including a big one!

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari released two smaller models as well, while Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey released one about 200lbs.

And the last remaining up in the Middle, Capt. Kim Andersen’s Duyfken put Sophie Curry onto a fish that he put at 650lbs for her birthday! Happy Birthday Sophie!

Pakula Lures

It’s been a while coming but word is that Linden Bank fired yesterday, but it was still Linden Stadium if you missed it!

Capt. Brad Craft on Castille III had his turn at the big fish wheel releasing 4, all after 3:30pm with 3 of those fish in the 900lb+ category (including a double header of 900lb-ers!)!  And another who bid farewell to their season 2014 on the Bank yesterday, Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka who ended the day with a nice fish just before lines in.

Likewise, Capt. Bobby Jones Iceman finished up his season with his Marlin University guests with three at 900lbs, 550lbs and 250lbs. Great to end the season on a high!

And the first of the season videos, here’s one from the sea maiden Tara on deck on board Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Black Label. Many more to come I’m sure!

And a catch up photo from young Dylan Brier-Mills fishing on Hammer in the Yorkeys Knob Makaira Bullfight (report) who took out the Runner-Up Under 7.5m with this 250lb black that ate the 50lb on the afternoon of the second day.

Big loooonnnggg report today. Be sure to read all the way to the end.

Starting from the top end of the reef -Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite has spent the last couple of days out in the vicinity of Osprey Reef jigging and popping and the like. In addition to the usual species they have also had a bit more billy action with a 700lb blue marlin, a 250lb black marlin (on the laser pro) and a double header of sailfish!

In on the edge, Number 10 Ribbon still delivering late in the season with us on Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA going 3 from 3 yesterday including another nice fish at 800lbs for Stewie as well as a smaller model each for Tman and Rick.


While it was quiet in the Middle, there were a couple at the bottom.  Capt. Laurie Wright at the helm of Calypso with light tackle specialists Gary and Sherrell Carter on board finished up their trip, alas with no luck on the light but with a nice one about 750lbs (photo) on the conventional on the last day. That’s it for the Calypso 2014 season and the boys are off tomorrow to start the journey south, no doubt looking forward to another big Port Stephens season!

Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey headed out for a look to the sea mount and back for two bites, catching a 500lb blue and jumping a mid range black off.

Catch up report from Capt. Russell Caporn’s latest trip on Kaizen some of which we’ve already heard about. Ben Kelly who was on board for the week tells me they ended up with 6 from 8 fish. Ethan Harrington, on first trip on the reef got one about 800 lbs fish on the Bank within the first 15 mins of fishing on Day 1 to start them off on a high. On the second day they traveled north and missed the bite on a real good one on Number 2 Ribbon. After that they fished up to Number 5 Ribbon with a fish Russell put at 900 for Ben and a smaller model after that for Ethan. The next day was 3 from 3 again at Number 5, two smaller fish and then one at 950lbs for Ethan at 6:30pm.


And another catch up from Andrew Tivey who took son Ryan out on Sunday to Linden Bank in his little side console Hook-In. Andrew says that it was a pretty slow day until this nice lit up 400lb-er turned up marking Ryan’s third fish for the season which he’s pretty stoked about!


Lady Musgrave blue marlin

Another Cairns regular who must be missing the action this year, Capt. Simon Carosi, sent me an update from a trip wide to Lady Musgrave where he scratched the itch with some awesome blue marlin (and black!) action.  Simon says that they were there on Dennis Deane’s Silent World 11 and the gameboat Assegai for a five day shakedown trip to Lady Musgrave with Capt Pete Mitchell and Simon.  It was an awesome week of weather and steady fishing. They had 4 bites on teasers traveling up and then went 6 from 8 over the 5 day trip.  After catching several blues himself Dennis put his mothership crew into the chair and Nick and Sam caught their first blue each. Then Capt. Pete topped it all off with this black that Simon put at 500lbs!


Central Queensland Juvies

biteme ultimate

A couple of reports from Central Queensland where the little black marlin (and not so little) are still moving through. Capt. Scotty Coulter’s Bite Me put regular angler Shaz onto this estimated 55kg black out of Yeppoon around Flat Island (left) while Ultimate Sportfishing Charters Capt. Ross Grennan put Jim onto this little guy on right for his birthday!

PNG Blue marlin season

Report from Travis Franklin who’s been missing out studying for his final exams at JCU in Townsville. Travis’ father owns the boat Satisfaction in Lae, PNG which we remember was captained by Laurie Wright in this years PNG fishing titles and has been distracting poor Travis with the reports of the good fishing.

Even though peak season isn’t usually until late January/early February, several boats have been getting multiple shots per day.

Weekend on the 1-2nd November
Saw a number of fish being caught with Phil Franklin’s Satisfaction and angler Louise Franklin tagging two from two, one on 15kg est about 80kg and the other on 24kg estimated about 120kg. Phil Leahy’s Zenag 3 also went two from two. Troy Ryan’s Naughty Buoy tagged an estimated 50kg blue on 8kg and Bob Howden’s Witch Doctor lost a fish on 10kg after a 2.5hrs fight.

Weekend 8-9th November
Satisfaction with angler Louise Franklin again on strike and tagged an estimated 90kg blue on 15kg. Stanley Leahy on Zenag 3 caught a 40kg yellow fin (photo) and Rebecca Jones on Catalyst also tagged a blue.

Weekend 15-16th November
Bob Howden’s WitchDoctor tagged 2 fish from 7 bites.


I’m having trouble with service again today (and obviously yesterday as well) so will put the report up sans pictures and links until I can get better connectivity! No doubt, more reports to be added as I get access to my email and messages.

Yorkey’s Knob Makaira Bullfight

Day 2 (Sunday) started of with the bank being kind to the fleet with not even the slightest hint of a wind for the day. The fleet was split with half starting at the top of the bank at Opal and the other half down the bottom of the Bank. Deks kicked off point scoring again with their second of the tournament just after 10am and then the day rolled on, with the change of the tide not delivering a bite. Think Big and Hammer called hookup around 2pm which both managed to convert. The tournament finished up with 7 tagged marlin with David Cordukes Bar Crasher Deks taking out the Calcutta, Hammer took out Runner Up trophy in the under 7.5. For the big boats Pequita took out the top spot followed closely by Think Big.

Thank you to Simon for the report!

Overall though, I think its been tough fishing off the Bank.

Marlin Magazine’s Marlin University

With the service possibly even worse than it has been all year, its been hard to stay in touch with what has been going on. I believe that the Bounty Hunter, Kanahoee and Iceman groups have all been getting amongst some fish and a few big ones amongst them as well. Will try and find out a bit more later today.

Update: Update on yesterday’s for the Marlin U via Capt. Bobby Jones – Bobby said they had a pretty hot bite for the three boats fishing together. Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on Bounty Hunter went 4 from 7 to 700lbs while Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee went 2 from 3. Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman only converted the one, but Bobby said it was a real nice one!

The day before, Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite headed out to Osprey Reef and surrounds but not before having a day on the edge releasing a mid-ranger. While again, Capt. Tom Francis’ Ultimate Lady was heading back to Cairns for changeover after another good day releasing three including another big one. And also on Sunday, Grant Thomson’s Cjig is heading south and released one at Jenny on the way through. Hopefully some more for them as the travel.


As for yesterday, on KEKOA we had a frustrating start to the day making one last hurrah and visit back to Number 10 Ribbon and missing 5 bites, including bites out of a couple of nice ones, before finally setting the hook in a solid fish to successfully release one about 900lbs for Rick that gave him a good fight (photo).