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A few reports from Cairns: Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka release a fish Jared put at 900+ yesterday for Brian Low from Baton Rouge. Jared says that the anglers all got to see the spectacular bite as it chased the tuna in while the crew were retrieving it to change it out and ate right at the back of the boat.  Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition also released two smaller fish.

fraserIslandAnd more Gold Coast clubbies enjoying the Fraser action, Jesse Hill sent me a report from fishing inside Fraser last weekend, aboard Brendon Van Ras Mabuyu. They fished Saturday for 10-7-5, then fished Sunday morning, going 9-7-6 before 11.30am. Total stats for the 1.5 day trip: 19-13-11 black marlin, 2 Spanish and a solid long tail including 3 double hookups on the blacks. The team also fished the Hervey Bay comp 2 weeks before that, finishing 16-9-4 (I’ve given up getting the tournament report sorry!) Total stats for Mabuyu from 5 days fishing off Fraser in the last 2 weeks: 51-38-22. Pretty impressive fishing!

Pakula Lures

Over the past few years the southern based fleet have had some really good fishing heading both north and south, to and from Cairns for the season. This year has been no exception and the crew on Calypso certainly experienced it at its best yesterday ending up with 8 from 11 for the day on their way south and onto Port Stephens.

Starting out off Fraser with a triple header of blues in the 400lb range, all successfully released (and no mean feat given there was only four on board being Dean, Micheal, Brad and Erica!) They worked the area a bit before needing to move on and jumped the last one off just before dark heading past Noosa Canyons.  The fish were 7 blues and one black marlin. What a ripper of a day! Thanks Deano for the pic!

Also fresh back from spending time in the Fraser Island vicinity, Surfers Paradise SGFC’s Steve Morley who reports both blues and black marlin for his crew on Trophy as well. Steve says they fished two days off Fraser specifically targeting the blues with Ramjet on the Friday and beside brother Andrew’s Express on Saturday. Trophy raised 13 hooked 10 and released 6 over Friday/Saturday while Ramjet went 2 from 9 on Friday.  Express went 2 from 9 on Sunday and Trophy also released 2 from 5 little blacks at Roonies while Ramjet released one.

All in all between the 3 boats 31 blue marlin were encountered and Steve says that they also saw a few free swimmers and free jumpers as well!


Meanwhile, just a few reports from the black marlin off Cairns: Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey released two at 650 and 250lbs. While Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition got a small one and missed a big one.  Catching up from the day before, Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari has a couple of days off in town. But they released one from two sailfish Sunday before heading in and jumped off a black.  And a catch up picture below from Capt. Brett Goetze on Amokura’s fish from Sunday that he put at 750lbs for Cathy!



As the season starts to wind down and boats put a wrap on their seasons, the fishing is making it a tough slog for those still out. While this time of year can typically been great fishing, we’ve definitely seen the best already in 2014. Still some good fish reported yesterday among the fleet. Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura put their angler Cathy onto her first marlin at 750lbs after a few years of trying. Well done Cathy!

And Capt. Kim Andersen’s Duyfken also wrapped up his season with a 650lb-er (pictures from Nick and Rhys) for Wayne Spalding at the Light.  Also on the Bank, Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham on Mike Dobbin’s Hattitude released one about 300lbs and that is all the reports I have :-)

Big black marlin

There are still a fish swimming in on Linden Bank and Opal Ridge with a few smaller models showing up there yesterday. Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari had a bit of fun with them for his anglers – all first time in the game chair – going three from five.  Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA and Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura both released two each to 400lbs. While the big blue Ultimate Lady’s Capt. Tom Francis put his angler onto one small model and missed a couple of larger ones.

Small black marlin

juvie-black-marlinYet another Fraser report, this one from Michael Umback who is fresh back from an amazing 3 days fishing on the inside. Michael says that the total results were 19 black marlin ranging between 10 – 30kg from 35 garfish baits (rigged with circle hooks) and they lost count of the the number of hookups!

Love seeing these in water shots! In the leadup to what is hopefully a big season for the little guys as they move down the coast, a reminder that a bit of care goes a long way.

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