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Cairns giant black marlin season

While we’re well and truly at the tail end of the 2014 Cairns giant black marlin season (have a season video to share? Email me the link to share on the blog) there are still a few big fish around. Furuno’s Shane Beardmore fished on board Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee on Saturday and released a 990lbr + GST for Jeff Mount from Tassie (photo above). A great fish to end the season!

Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey has likewise begun his trip home. Dan released a one from two at 450lbs on Friday before heading south for a stopover at Myrmidon on the way to Hamilton Island.  At Myrmidon they went two from four and missed a big one which puts them at 60 fish for the season for 43 days fishing!

And back from 5 days at Osprey Reef, Capt. Brett Goetze on Amokura reports 5 from 9 blue marlin. Brett says though they were mostly targeting dog tooth and other pelagics, they managed to get a little time in marlin fishing including 2 double headers in which they only stayed connected to one both times. One of the blues was quite a nice one at 550lb and the others all 200lbs or less.

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari is likewise still fishing. Corey tells me they caught a small one on Saturday and Sunday each.

Update: and a report from Capt. Alex Johnson on Shikari who went 2 from 4 on Thursday and then added another two plus a sailfish on Friday!

SEQ blue and black marlin

luckystrikeAnd just in time for the summer holidays, some more good news from the Gold Coast with quite a few heavy tackle blue marlin, and light tackle black marlin, encountered over the weekend. Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike went two from five blues yesterday (150 and 200kg) – photo.  While I heard that there were several encounters with the little blacks inshore north of the Pin.

Likewise on the Sunshine Coast, for the Mooloolaba Billfish Bash both light and heavy tackle were options with the score 2:1 (double points for heavy tackle).  While I don’t know the full results, Robert “Smithy” Smith was pipped at the post by a field guy by the team on Liquid Asset with four little black marlin and a dolphin fish. It was the dolphin fish that gave them the edge over Smithy and team on Capricorn who were 2-2-2 blue marlin.

Exmouth Heavy Tackle Tourney leadup

exmouthsolidReport from the lovely Jeni Gate in the leadup to Exmouth GFC’s Heavy Tackle tournament which runs next week (Dec 8-10 inclusive).  Jeni says that while a cold current from the south shut down the blue marlin for a brief period mid November, the fishing has picked up again as we head to the full moon. Last year the club had some great captures of big blues and blacks during this period.

The sailfish in the gulf have also continued to be thick with baitballs being hammered by pods of hungry fish around the 30kg mark.  Sight casting to these large pods can be exhilarating.  The numbers of entrants for GAMEX in March is growing and if you’re keen to participate, we suggest to get your entry in early, or you may miss out!

Pakula Lures


While the bite from the day before seemed to continue on Linden Bank yesterday, there were more little giant black marlin, than big giant black marlin. Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey jumped two off and converted another two, while Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee likewise converted two smaller models for Creek to Coast food guru Sally Jenyns, who is with brother Peter and father Ron sans South Pacific this year.

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari likewise converted one little fish to bring their season tally to 90! An outstanding achievement – well done to the entire Hardcore team!

For those interested there are plenty of tuna around on the Bank (though you  have to work hard to get them before the razor gang) and dolphin fish etc.

On the Gold Coast, Capt. Ross McCubbin tells me that David Green put his son Mick onto his first blue marlin yesterday going 1 from 4. Congrats Mick! Good to hear the fish are all the way along!


Luke caught up with Capt. Bill Billson on Viking II yesterday, who has been getting a bite a day or so over the past few days. But he topped all that yesterday with a great day on the water releasing three fish, including two big ones, and one of those at the death, just before lines in after an already good day on the water.

On KEKOA, Capt. Luke put us onto a big fish for owner Scotty Taylor that he put at 950lbs (pic above) before lunch just near the mark where he caught one about the same size a couple of seasons ago, and we missed a few bites from (very) small fish as well. And Capt. Corey Hard on Askari did the same thing for his novice angler at the end of the day putting him onto a fish that Corey put at a healthy 900lbs+ just before lines in.  Corey said it was angler Hugo’s first time in the chair and his previous biggest fish ever was the yellowfin tuna which was the bait which he caught earlier in the day!

Capt. Steve Ahlers on Hellraiser also had a good day going two from three, with the successful two from a double header at 450 and 700lbs!  Steve tells me they also went 1 from 2 at 300lbs the day before for his anglers from Arizona.


And some more from Fraser, this one from Luke Hands who said that he and some mates took a 3m tinny up to the island on the roofracks and had a great time out in Platypus Bay on the little blacks. Luke said that had well over 20 strikes, and 6 up to the boat and released. But this one gave them a bit of a fright when it almost came on board!

A few reports from Cairns: Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka release a fish Jared put at 900+ yesterday for Brian Low from Baton Rouge. Jared says that the anglers all got to see the spectacular bite as it chased the tuna in while the crew were retrieving it to change it out and ate right at the back of the boat.  Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition also released two smaller fish.

fraserIslandAnd more Gold Coast clubbies enjoying the Fraser action, Jesse Hill sent me a report from fishing inside Fraser last weekend, aboard Brendon Van Ras Mabuyu. They fished Saturday for 10-7-5, then fished Sunday morning, going 9-7-6 before 11.30am. Total stats for the 1.5 day trip: 19-13-11 black marlin, 2 Spanish and a solid long tail including 3 double hookups on the blacks. The team also fished the Hervey Bay comp 2 weeks before that, finishing 16-9-4 (I’ve given up getting the tournament report sorry!) Total stats for Mabuyu from 5 days fishing off Fraser in the last 2 weeks: 51-38-22. Pretty impressive fishing!