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Sunshine Coast

Hot weekend fishing on the Sunny Coast with MGFC and SCGFC club boats enjoying the days on the water in glamour conditions for a change.  MGFC’s VP Stephen and wife Kellie Jensen’s Monster got amongst the action with 7 black marlin and one sailfish release amongst many others including Alex Fenwick and current FishLife’s issue cover girl Kourtney Kersnovske on Never Home, who had the opposite mix with four sails and a black (photo of the action below), and Jamie Behren’s Reel Hunter who got three from five (blacks).Never Home sailfsih

Update: Although Lachlan (usually on Catapult) wasn’t among the action on the water this weekend, he managed to scrounge up some more results for me (thanks Lachlan!) for the Sunshine Coat GFC boat fleet: Saturday Misty tagged 6, Catapult 3 (and added another Sunday), Reel Capture 3 and No Name 1.

Also representing the Sunshine Coast GFC yesterday, the Kamikaze team who are currently in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, for the IGFA Offshore World Championship. On a pre fish on board the Spanish Fly yesterday (Spanish Fly was the boat that caught the white blue marlin recently) they released 13 sails and 3 dollies.  Brent said that it was an amazing day on the water for them as they saw hundreds of free feeders on the surface balling up bait with their sails. Good luck for the tournament – look forward to hearing how they go (I hear their draw has them back on board Spanish Fly on day 2 as well!)

Gold Coast

Not as much action on the Gold Coast this weekend but boats also out enjoying conditions and pre-fishing for the Gold Coast GFC Heavy Tackle Challenge this coming weekend. Matt Caelli reported a 3-3-2 on Jugs on Saturday which was made up of 2 spearfish (to 31kg) and a blue marlin jumped off.  Matt says that although the GC has been quite hit and miss of late, there is good water out there so hopefully the fish come on for the comp next week!


Port Stephens

More from the trailer boats this time at Port Stephens and from Andy and the Fritto 1 team fishing with Matt O’Brien on his boat Go Deep during the weekend trailer boat comp with the goal to score the boat’s first marlin. By midday the Gibber had delivered with a small black taking an interest in the slimy Andy had thrown out on the spin gear, which they successfully tagged and released moments before the light leader broke!  It was the first fish for the boat and was also enough to give them 3rd place in the comp.

Andy says they also jumped a second off late in the day which spat the bait before the hooks set and that there are still a few blacks around. The Gibber looks very fishy with acres of balled up slimies and predators galore with it hard to keep livies out without getting harassed by dollies and striped tuna.  Presumably also many yellowfin around as they got a 14kg fin on a deep-set live bait as well. Great collection of shots below from Andy and Matt showing the activity on the surface and sounder (!) with Al McGlashan boat amongst them.


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Pakula Lures

James McGinty, President of the Solitary Islands Game Fishing Club, reports that their fourth Heavy Tackle Challenge fished out of Coffs Harbour was held under clear skies and light winds. The weather leading up to the tournament had been somewhat iffy, but it remained glorious for the entire weekend.

Wicked Weasel blue marlinTwenty boats competed, and there were six blue marlin, two black marlin and sundry yellowfin tuna, wahoo and mahimahi tagged, with two yellowfin being weighed — 38.5 and 39 kilos — both of which were caught aboard Better Than Vegas. Most boats had one or more marlin bites, but as usual, getting them to stick was another matter.

Champion boat was Sweet One II with two blue marlin and five mahi mahi tags.

Second place was Magnum with two blue marlin and a wahoo, and third was Wicked Weasel with one blue marlin.

Pictured is Lynette Robb with her blue marlin caught aboard Wicked Weasel.

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Bounty Hunter juvenile black marlinCapt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on Bounty Hunter is the latest to encounter some of the teeny juvenile black marlin off Cairns. On a day trip on Saturday, they released two of these toddler models as well as some a couple of GTs as well as tuna and mackerel for the table.

On the Sunshine Coast, Lachlan and Paddy and team on Catapult went 6 from 10 also on Saturday on the blacks on fish a couple of sizes up. Lachalan says the hot bite was all between 7:30 and 11am with the fish all in the 15 to 25kg range. They also missed a bigger fish about 50kg which jumped around with the bait jig!

On the Gold Coast, Capt. Brett Alty’s Mistress found one too a fair bit bigger. Brett says that the fishing was tougher on the southern side on the weekend with zeros on Saturday. On Sunday, the found a nicer one for visiting US angler Bob Osborn. Brett tells me Bob has fished world wide and at 73 years old is friends with all the top captains. He caught a 160lb fish on 16lb (photo below).

And off Port Stephens as well, more inshore blacks. Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso reporting 7 from 2 trips late last week.


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Back to Tanga 6

The MBGFC-Shamrock Civil Engineering Sponsored Back to Tanga 6 competition was run out of the clubs base on Moreton Island over the weekend with 26 boats and 98 anglers plus 8 crew registered.

Friday’s weather was tough with boats grinding it out on a 2-2.5m easterly swell and15-20 knot wind. Boats commenced fishing at 07:00 out of locations from the Gold Coast up the coast to Mooloolaba with the first marlin was called in from Mooloolaba fleet at 7:08am and the northern boats experiencing a hot morning bite at the 12 and 18 mile. The rest of the fleet found plenty of bait of Cape Moreton, but only gamefish with no billies. Day one ended with 85 strikes, 66 hook-ups and 54 fish landed with 10 black marlin and 2 sailfish tagged.

Saturday saw the wind drop out and conditions more boat friendly. Back up at Mooloolaba another morning bite was on with a number of marlin and sailfish tagged. Further south fishing was slower. All up 19 billfish were tagged with plenty of gamefish weighed and tagged. Saturday night all the boats came back to Tangalooma for weigh-in, tall stories and a great feed with the bar open. “Full House” band played some great music till midnight. Sunday morning presentation saw the following winners:

Champion Boat over 8m – Bangalee – 7,600 points
Champion Boat under 8m – Dragon Lady – 4,900 points
Champion Senior Male and Overall Angler – Michael Wrack – 4,500 points
Runner-up Male – Grant Cooper – 3,285 points
Champion Female Angler – Debbie Dahl – 1,500 points
Runner-up Female Angler – Georgina Wrack – 1,500 points
Champion Junior – Max Proctor – 3,400 points
Runner-up Junior – Bree Thompson – 1,500 points
First and last billfish tagged on day 1 – David Trask & Max Proctor
First and last billfish tagged on day 2 – Michael Wrack & Rick Winsor
Champion MBGFC Angler – Matt Rutkowski

Many thanks to the Sponsors and to the Tournament committee who made it a great event and to all the Anglers and Crews who participated. Thanks to Nick Currey Moreton Bay GFC VP for the report!

Ulladulla – More hot fishing on the weekend

Quick report from George Lirantzis’ Side Effect who ran out at 11am on Sunday to go 4 form 5 in a pretty hot bite. George says that Lisa accounted for the first 3 then it was his go. That was following up from 1 from 3 on Saturday. George also says that Blue Alibi was in fine form going 7 from 10 while Mayhem went 4 from 6! Great shot at top!

More from JB


And another report from Sam Owen’s Spread ‘Em last week fishing in 600fa SE of the Kink at JB. Sam had Ben Kiggins and his younger brother (and marlin virgin) Dane on board late last week and came across a bait ball full of marlin on the surface. Without livies they could only convert the one from 8 but were stoked to make one stick for the young Dane – his first black estimated 50kg. Shot above of Danes fish below another that Richard Abela took the week before.


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