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I’m having trouble with service again today (and obviously yesterday as well) so will put the report up sans pictures and links until I can get better connectivity! No doubt, more reports to be added as I get access to my email and messages.

Yorkey’s Knob Makaira Bullfight

Day 2 (Sunday) started of with the bank being kind to the fleet with not even the slightest hint of a wind for the day. The fleet was split with half starting at the top of the bank at Opal and the other half down the bottom of the Bank. Deks kicked off point scoring again with their second of the tournament just after 10am and then the day rolled on, with the change of the tide not delivering a bite. Think Big and Hammer called hookup around 2pm which both managed to convert. The tournament finished up with 7 tagged marlin with David Cordukes Bar Crasher Deks taking out the Calcutta, Hammer took out Runner Up trophy in the under 7.5. For the big boats Pequita took out the top spot followed closely by Think Big.

Thank you to Simon for the report!

Overall though, I think its been tough fishing off the Bank.

Marlin Magazine’s Marlin University

With the service possibly even worse than it has been all year, its been hard to stay in touch with what has been going on. I believe that the Bounty Hunter, Kanahoee and Iceman groups have all been getting amongst some fish and a few big ones amongst them as well. Will try and find out a bit more later today.

Update: Update on yesterday’s for the Marlin U via Capt. Bobby Jones – Bobby said they had a pretty hot bite for the three boats fishing together. Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on Bounty Hunter went 4 from 7 to 700lbs while Capt. Haydon Bell’s Kanahoee went 2 from 3. Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman only converted the one, but Bobby said it was a real nice one!

The day before, Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite headed out to Osprey Reef and surrounds but not before having a day on the edge releasing a mid-ranger. While again, Capt. Tom Francis’ Ultimate Lady was heading back to Cairns for changeover after another good day releasing three including another big one. And also on Sunday, Grant Thomson’s Cjig is heading south and released one at Jenny on the way through. Hopefully some more for them as the travel.


As for yesterday, on KEKOA we had a frustrating start to the day making one last hurrah and visit back to Number 10 Ribbon and missing 5 bites, including bites out of a couple of nice ones, before finally setting the hook in a solid fish to successfully release one about 900lbs for Rick that gave him a good fight (photo).


Pakula Lures

More good numbers and big fish on the reef yesterday.  On the Ribbon’s, still fishing well into late season for the first time in many years, Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA was among those finding some fish.  He went 3 from 3 on marlin including another big fish that Capt. Luke put at over the 1000lb mark, and a sailfish, all for Jason “Big Fish Hass” Hassett (photo).

Another having a good one up the Top, was Capt. Tom Francis’ Utimate Lady. Tom released another big fish that he put at 950+ and a smaller model and lost another big one and a small one as well.


Capt. Tim Richardson’s anglers on Tradition also released a fish about 300lbs while Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite released one about 200lbs in the Middle.

Down the bottom, Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey finished up a three day trip with hot three from three at 300, 200 and 200lbs.

Day 1 of the Yorkey’s Knob Fishing Club’s Aus Mining Personell Makaira Bullfight saw most boats fishing around the Bank and Opal Ridge. Simon tells me it was a slow morning with no fish reported by the first sked. But there were fish around on the Bank and at 11:55, the bite started with Gaye Benck off Pequita tagging a 250 pounder to start the fleet of 20 off. It was soon followed by Kaching with Paul Gibson grabbing a good fish, as well as David Cordukes on Deks followed by David McGeoch on Allure.

With the 8am start the tournament fleet are already fishing, and with 10 knots forecast for today, it should be another great day on the water!

And a catch up report from some really good blue marlin fishing off Fraser Island.  Glen Whitehead is fresh back from fishing with Southern Stroke Fighting Chairs Brad Carlin on board Aurora who released 8 blue marlin and a couple of little blacks in 5 days fishing. But Glen tells me the final tally was even better than that. Over the whole 8 days, they managed 15 tags from 35 bites, which were 13 blues ranging from 130kg to 250kg and two blacks about 60 and 70kg! Photos below.



In the north

In case you’re not on the newsletter list, a reminder the Cairns 2014 Gallery is here.

More big fish were reported on the reef yesterday. The photo above from Capt. Steve Ahlers on Hellraiser of a big fish they released yesterday that he put at 1100lbs fishing nor.  And catch up shots below from a couple of their big fish in the last week (yesterday’s report) from Capt. Adam Jordan on Iona 2.


Also down the bottom, Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey went 1 from 3 with a 450lb-er for first time marlin angler Fin. And Phil got to drive for the first time on his ‘new’ boat while Capt. Dan headed down to take some happy snaps. Dan tells me he’s feeling confident after his first photographic stint that he has the goods to be a top marlin photographer – I’m just waiting to see the evidence! ;-)

Further up the reef a few more fish. Capt. Dean Beech on Onsite went 2 from 4 with a 300 and 800lb-ers. He also tells me that Capt. Russell Caporn’s Kaizen released a nice one and Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari also released two from three. Further up again, on KEKOA with Capt. Luke Fallon we went one from three with a fish about 700lbs for the Hass (screenshot), while nearby Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition also released one about 300lbs.


And a catch up report from Kyrenia’s Capt. Damon Gruzdev who is on his way back to Port after a trip up to Number 3 Ribbon.  Damon tells me that he fished with Pete and Anthea and their now 14month old bub. Earlier in the year in July, Pete and Anthea fished with Damon on the little fish catching 4 from 5 on little ones with Anthea with the then 10 month old baby on board. On this trip, she caught her first heavy tackle marlin at 250lb, with Pete catching three at 300, 700 and 800lbs, in some pretty sloppy conditions with nary a complaint from bub!

Gold Coast blue marlin

More good news on the Gold Coast blue marlin front, I had a report from Mana Stack who is skipper of his little 25 foot Bertram Loyal to the Game. Mana says they he fished the Riv Grounds off the Gold Coast Thursday with brother Kane and tagged 1 from 2 blues. They only fished half a day for the fish they put around the 250lb mark but think if they had have stayed around for the afternoon bite it would have gone off! Mana says there is a lot of bait out there.


Western Aus, Montebello Islands

And over in WA, the Blue Lightning Charters team have come back to civilisation and gone out again on another trip. In their brief return to internet service Leah tells me they had another great week out at the Montes and did their usual stint of billfishing on the way back and for the big crew from all corners of Australia, released 5 sailfish and 2 juvenile black marlin.


Catch up pics at top are from the day before of Capt. Dean Beech’s 900lb-er at sunset on Onsite.

And a catch up report from Capt. Adam Jordan’s Iona who tells me he’s had a great week’s fishing recording 8 marlin in the past 7 days — including 2 in the 900lb range, one that he put at 950lb and another that he put at 1000lbs, and 2 in the 550lb range and one at 200lb, all from 12 bites. He’s heading down from the Ribbons to the Bank today.

But on the whole, the fishing has been a bit tougher this week which has spread the fleet wide all the way from the Light and Jenny Louise to Day Reef at the top.  But there are a few being caught all the way along. Off the light in the south, Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey went one from two. Up near the Bank, Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura, fishing ex-Port Douglas charter boat owner Kevin Mullins (who previously owned Fifth Dimension) went two from four yesterday with a nice one at 750lbs as well as a smaller fish.  Brett told me they also caught a smaller one the day before.

About to start Marlin Mag’s Marlin University with Capt. Bobby Jones and Capt. Peter B Wright on Iceman and Capt. Haydon Bell on Kanahoee, I heard that Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon on Bounty Hunter has still been catching away with a fish a day.

Up to the top we (Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA) fished Number 10 to add another to the trip tally with a smaller model for Jason – colourful fish (photo below). While nearby, Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari also released a small one.  And up the very top, Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition got one about 550lbs in the dirty water at Day before heading back down to Number 10.


And as for the Brazil connection:

Mike Tarmey who has worked on deck over here off Cairns for the past couple of years is missing the reef and fishing Brazil this year instead. Fishing has been pretty good, just yesterday the release 5 from 6 whites.  While a few days ago he had an encounter with a blue marlin that’s going viral on Facebook – so if you are on FB, check it out on the blog page today here. A 300lb blue ending up in the cockpit!