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Year / 2012

Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

SEQ The professional charter fleet operating out of SEQ have been having a ball putting their clients onto the fish.  Capt. Brett Alty’s Mistress fished Saturday and Sunday on the light tackle. On Saturday they ended up with 5 from 9 little black marlin, while on Sunday they went 4 from 7 including a first […]

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Pakula Lures

Capt. Jared Weir on Shaka sent me a catch up report from the weekend on Shaka off the Gold Coast.  Jared says that they fished with angler Scott Woodford successfully releasing his first black marlin off South Stradbroke Island (aerial shot above).  With crew Capt. Brent James on deck for the day, they ended up […]

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Recapture In David Granville’s report below from little black marlin fishing off the Sunshine Coast on Sunday, he mentioned that two of their five tagged little blacks were recaptures. Well, he already has the information from their first captures which is both pretty exciting and most interesting. One of the fish was originally tagged at […]

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More weekend reports are pouring in as the ‘Summer of Fun’ continues: In North Queensland More pics from Capt. Steve on Hellraiser who is still fishing up on Number 10 Ribbon this time. The underwater shot is from his big fish last week where you can clearly see two smaller marlin swimming with it, while […]

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The ‘Summer of Fun’ is already underway in Queensland’s south-east with the little black marlin providing most of the entertainment.  A fun day or even, morning, out for most on these aggressive little feeders. David Granville wasted no time getting back on the water after his quick trip to Cairns last week, fishing out of […]

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