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Month / November 2011

Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

It seems like there’s a pretty steady bite continuing at Linden Bank, if you’re in the right place at the right time. And a whole bunch of other fish that like to play with the baits but not eat ;-) I snapped this shot of the boys on Reelly Black on an energetic 300lb-er that […]

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Pakula Lures

More big fish on Linden Bank yesterday with Capt. Brett Alty reporting two for Barry and the team on Mistress including a giant they put at 1100lbs.  Barry said this was your ideal big fish because they had it to the boat in just over 4 minutes (as opposed to a recent 2 hour+ fight). […]

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We last heard from Capt. Adam Jordan and the team on Iona 2 when they were headed out wide on Tuesday and released two fish at 600 and 900lbs on the way.  They returned last night after two days in the vicinity of the seamount having added a couple more fish to the trip tally […]

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I mentioned in the digest yesterday about how I like to take photos of other boats. Well yesterday I got my chance with Capt. Ian “Wobbles” Ford on Hot Shot hooking up on a nice big black marlin nearby.  The fish stayed deep for 15-20 minutes to keep us all guessing before she did a […]

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Lots of photos and video’s at the end. Capt. Adam Jordan has taken Iona 2 out for a wander to the Seamount. We won’t know how he did until he gets back, but he certainly was doing pretty good when last we heard.  A 600lb black marlin for John St. George about 25 miles from […]

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