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After a few days of hit and miss fishing off Townsville pre- Mike Carney Toyota Billfish Challenge (which starts next Thursday) the cold water has pushed through and it might be on its way back.  Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA and the private boat Chapel both getting into fish yesterday after crews struggling in the days prior.  Several teams will be making the most of the last weekend to pre-fish and I’m sure they’ll be getting into them again!

Message from Grant Thompson’s Cjig and the big boat who were heading out from Hamilton Island yesterday but the weather kept them in check and in closer. They released a little black off the northern tip of the island and will be heading out wide for a look today!

Plenty of billfish action over in Exmouth in the leadup to another event on the WA billfish calendar.  The brand new annual tourney, the Australian Masters Tournament, specifically for the over 55-ers, will be hosted by the club on September 12-14 (do you have an event to add to the calendar?) Sounds like a fair bit of fun will be had with the local charter fleet reporting blues, blacks and stripes in play.

Lastly, another billfish species in the ‘wild’. Phtog Al McGlashan captured this footage of a recently killed swordfish and post stalking by the mako shark. Not so cool for the sword of course (so will link rather than embed and you can choose to watch) but some awesome footage non-the-less with the help of the drone!

Is the the way of the fishing footage?  I think so! (note to self, learn how to drive a toy airplane..or is it a helicopter!?!)

Check out the clip here!

Pakula Lures

David Granville rode along with the guys from Penn Reels aboard the Amokura on Monday and snapped these pics of Marc Huisken’s first marlin.

The crew were trying out some new tackle and Marc caught this one on light spin gear probably more suited to snapper fishing. They had a couple more bites from little blacks before going on to catch a bunch of mixed pelagics and reef fish.


Blue Lightning Marlin

Quick report from Blue Lightning fishing off Dampier in Western Australia with Capt. Chad Mills reporting that the billfishing is on the improve. Finally they had some weather which allowed them to target the billies and they reported a good day on Sunday with a  4-3-3 on marlin and a 1-1-1 juvenile sailfish. Leah tells me that all four guys on board got their first billfish each so were completely wrapped.

Unfortunately the blow has begun again…!


When you hear the name Capt. Chip Van Mols, you would naturally associate him with Hawaii, specifically out of Kona on Luna and Monkey Biz. Am I right?

Chip has more than 25 years fishing Kona and is in fact, one of Kona’s top producing captains for over 20 Years. He’s also fished around the world and one of those destinations around the world that he’s been on a regular basis is Cairns. And he’s back here again in 2014 fishing as an angler..

Can you give us a brief description of your fishing history?
I am Capt. Chip Van Mols, crew and captain in the KONA charter fleet since 1988. Currently skipper of the 40 Gamefisherman LUNA as well as Monkey Biz II for about 7 years prior.

When was the last time the you fished in Cairns?

What was your best memory of any Cairns trip to date?
We caught some nice ones in the middle ribbons on my bosses stand up 100 pound rigs, fishing with Luke and Dingo on the Assegai.

What are your hopes for your trip to Cairns this year?
Show my daughter and her boyfriend the GBR, get them there first black marlins and god willing catch them a few fat ones!

When can we expect to see you here this and how long are you staying who are you fishing with?
Traveling with with my daughter Jada Van Mols and her boyfriend Dan Holt for 2 weeks and we’ll see you mid October on KEKOA with Capt. Luke!

Read the rest of the report…

After an impressive 91 tags reported on Day 1 of this years Cairns Bluewater GFC Billfish Tournament hosted out of Fitzroy Island, all eyes went north! And although the following two days of fishing could not match the first day’s results, it was still a very impressive showing with a total of 178 tags (168 black marlin and 10 sailfish) over the three days of tournament fishing.

Captain Darren “Biggles” Haydon’s team on Bounty Hunter lead from the outset with 8 from 12 on Day 1 and left the rest of the fleet playing catch up. But following up with 4 tags a piece on both the following days they couldn’t be overtaken and took the trophy with a total of 16 tags from 22 bites – all little black marlin for the team consisting of Greg, Dan, Denise and junior angler Morgan who took out the Champion Junior gong.

Cairns based Black Magic took out second place with 11 tags. Cameron Bartlett was the skipper, with one brother Tommy deckie and the other brother Ryan angler with his wife Kellie – keeping it in the family! Ryan won the Champion Angler award and Kellie was Runner Up Champion Female angler. The breakdown was 1 sailfish tagged and 10 black marlin (thanks Victoria – who missed out on fishing – for the update!)

Some other teams in on the mix included Capt. Chris “Sharky’ Miles on Levante who kicked off with 7 tags on Day 1 to be hot on the BH heels and finished the tournament iwith 11 tags as well (actually 12 but self disqualified 1 fish!)  Capt. Damian Colette’s Saltaire shook off an unlucky day 1 (1 from 7) to add 7 tags on Day 2 to put him into the mix as well (finishing just behind on 10).

And a very good showing from Masterbaiter’s Jay Edwards with son Jet and Weipa’s Darren Lee who fished all three days – and in true 25knots on Day 3 – in Jay’s 5m tinny!  Young Jet caught his first marlin on Day 1 (thought he’s already a record holder so not a newbie to fishing by any means!) and followed up with his first sailfish and another black on Day 2 to take out Runner Up Champion Junior with his three tags. Jay and Darren accounted for another 4 between them to total 7tags for the Masterbaiter team to take out the Champion Small Boat Category.


Last year’s winners, Capt. Steve Ahlers Hellraiser tagged 8 all up including 6 tags for Sue which gave her the Champion Female Angler award.

And two Sunshine Coast GFC teams fished as well including Heath Irvine’s Kamikaze with Curl Foster, Jay Graham and Brett Barton. Despite spending much of Day 1 in port with engine issues, the team enjoyed another great event with 1 from 3 on Day 2 and 4 from 5 on the final day with all 4 caught in the first 2 hours!

I also heard that the big boat, The Boss was on hand for some great entertainment including a live band on Saturday night on the water in the bay!

With thanks to the Cairns Bluewater GFC for the official results which are:

Champion Senior Male Angler - Ryan Barlett – Black Magic
Champion Senior Female Angler – Sue Ahlers – Hellraiser 2

Champion Junior Angler – Morgan Brown – BountyHunter
Champion Team/Boat 7.5m & Over – Bounty Hunter
Team/Boat Under 7.5m – Master Baiter
Champion Overall Team – Bounty Hunter