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It was another big day for giant black marlin on the Great Barrier Reef with the middle to upper Ribbons producing once again.

Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey and Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition each found the fish.  Daniel released 5 from 5 ranging up to 550lbs and had a couple of bigger girls up as well.  Capt. Tim enjoyed the first day with long time regular angler Greg Seel starting off with a bang and missing a nice mid ranger early and then following up with 4 from 7 whilst fishing Number 8 ribbon with only 2 other boats.  Tim says while there was nothing big, they were some fun smaller fish, all greedy little pigs, all eating big giant baits all day.

Up on Number 10, the big blue Kiwi boat Ultimate Lady got onto their first real nice one of the season and I snapped the shot (at top) of it on the leader at the end.  Capt. Tom Francis put it at a good 900 and tells me they also raised another decent fish at the end but it just missed the bait a few times.


Nearby on KEKOA with Capt. Luke Fallon we put Jada onto three fish for the day with a couple of energetic rats and this big beauty that Capt. Luke also put at 900lbs – all lit up throughout the fight.  And Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka also released a nice one that he put at 900lbs+.

I’m not sure how they ended up but I saw Capt. Russell Caporn’s Kaizen catch at least two including this one on Number 10 Ribbon as well.


While a little further down the track, Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso saw several for a right bite late with another 900lb-er. Good fishing!

And last but certainly not least, Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman returned to port for changeover last night after a great trip with Joe Assenza and company from the USA.  They ended with 11 fish for the trip with some real nice ones including a 500, 700, 950 and finished off yesterday with a 900lb-er for female angler Jess Nuffer (who also caught the the bigger one as well!) Go Jess!

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While I heard that its been tough again at the bottom, the fishing is still pretty good up the top. And it’s still good for Capt. Corey Hard on Askari.  Corey added another 4 fish again yesterday including a 900lb which Corey said tested the boat angler and crew in the conditions – but had a great result with some amazing footage and still photos. They also caught a crazy 650 and 400lb-er.

Nearby on KEKOA we converted two at 750 (photo) and 200lbs for Jada and had a bite out of a couple more smaller fish.  Jada is enjoying her daily workout and ‘rinse’ in the chair in some very different conditions than she is used to in Hawaii ;-)


I also heard that Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso caught a couple in the middle (update: 450&600lbs). While Capt. Jared Weir’s Shaka made their first appearance on Number 10 yesterday as well with a small one.

I saw Capt. Russell Caporn’s Kaizen catch this one (at top) but not sure how he finished up.

And that is all that I know!


There is some amazing fishing going on on the GBR right now across the entire fleet who are fishing… And then there are a few who just keep smashing it out of the ball park!

Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari and guests, already on the trip of a lifetime simply due to the duration of their stay (30 days on the reef!) are having a dream trip for the fishing as well.  Corey added another five fish yesterday including one around 800lbs and another about 700 (one of which is this fish I took a shot of from nearby at top) and a 400 and a few small ones.  This takes their total, after 12 days of a 30 day Dreamin’ On charter to 31 fish.  12 days = 31 marlin.  Such great fishing!

Another who is enjoying the run and enjoying his new engines, Capt. Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey. Dan didn’t make it out from behind the reef until 3pm yesterday, courtesy of the wind and the waves and seeking a little relief bottom and bait fishing in the morning.  But when he did come out he was straight onto the fish catching a 250 and 900lb-er in short order.  Then later on he added another that he put at 950lbs!

All this is happening right up the top of the Ribbons on Number 10 with boats heading both ways – north to Lizard to spend a night in the relative calm, as well as those heading south and reluctantly into Cooktown on changeover.

kekoa-black-marlinWe saw Capt. Brett James’ Mauna Kea heading north yesterday and I heard that he found them as well releasing three to 850lbs.    On KEKOA we were heading the other direction and released two from three to 450lbs and got the bite out of another big fish. Capt. Brett Goetze Amokura caught one in the midst of the hot bite and Capt. Tim Dean’s Calypso also got two hot ones on the way down as well.

Not many reports from in the Middle although Capt. Dean Beech’s Onsite left Cairns to fish the Bank yesterday.  Deano says that he marked some good fish and released two including a nice one at 900lbs at the death.  Nearby he reports that Moana caught a smaller model but it was mostly quiet for other boats at that end.

While the strong winds have taken the edge off the current at the top (enter barracuda) there were still some fish around in the rough.

But firstly, a catch up report from the day before (Monday) from Capt. Haydon Bell on Kanahoee who caught a big one for angler Alfred Wagner who has spent many years fishing the reef and released many 950lb-er finally catching his grander that went 1130lbs. Well done Alfred and Haydon and team!

Yesterday the big fish run was replaced by a bunch of smaller fish with a good one here and there.  Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition had one about 600lbs in his three with two smaller fish while Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari continuing a good run with another 3 fish of the smaller variety to 400lb.  Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura also released 3 from 3 small ones to 300lbs and Capt. Bobby Jones got one nicer one about 500.

Capt. Daniel Carlson on Little Audrey had a better run staying to the south with 4 from 5 fish to 700lbs. Daniel told me that although yesterday was a mill-pond compared to the day before (I agree!) he still got a nice green one that wet his toes in the tower!  Its still windy as today but supposedly peaking at 27knots instead of 30!

On KEKOA we had the bite out of the big fish straight up but missed her and that was our day, save the marauding barracuda!